VOA 慢速医疗英语
 1.Treating a Hoarse Voice
 2.Cut the Risk of an Early Birth
 3.Deficits Found in ADHD Patients
 4.Understanding Down Syndrome
 5.A Test Creates Its Own Risks in Children
 6.South Africas Huge HIV Testing Campaign
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 8.For Health of Young People, a Mixed Picture
 9.In Developing World Health Services May Be Just a Phone Call Away
VOA 常速医疗英语
 1.Obesity Silent Killer in India
 2.Researchers Finding Babies Smarter Than Previously Thought
 3.Stomach Cancer on Rise Among Certain Young White Americans
 4.Antibiotic Resistance Is A Growing Threat
 5.Health Study Warns Against Canned Food Coated with BPA
 6.Allergies the Downside of a Beautiful Spring
 7.US Government Agency Announces Plan to Reduce Salt in Processed Foods
 8.Studies Find Increasing Health Benefits From Vitamin D
 2.Diabetes Mellitus
 3.Fetal Development
 5.How to Prevent Diabetes in Children