• International Acupuncture Training Center
  • Shanghai Summer School
    China Shanghai International Acupuncture Training Center was established in 1975 at the request of the World Health Organization (WHO) and with the approval of the State Council.
    Under the leadership of China State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has developed into an authoritative organization of acupuncture training that is well known in the world.
    Aimed at spreading acupuncture to medical workers from all over the world, during the past 38 years, the center has provided Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine training for more than 10.000 international students from over 100 countries and regions.
    The center provides students two regular courses: International Introductory Acupuncture Training Course and International Advanced Acupuncture Training Course. Each of them lasts for 3 months and includes subjects such as TCM Basics, TCM Diagnostics, Meridians and Points, Acupuncture and Moxibustion Methods, Acupuncture Therapy and Clinical Probation and Practice. Courses are taught in Chinese with English, French, Japanese, and Korean translation.
    In the year 2004, the center established the standard syllabus and related ISO documents for the international acupuncture training courses, which not only scandalized the teaching procedure but also the procedure of educational services. This reform enabled the center to play the leading role among the acupuncture training centers in China and gained the 3rd prize of 10th Shanghai Educational Scientific Research.
    According to The Syllabus of China Shanghai International Acupuncture Training Course, the teaching objectives of each subject, teaching hours, teaching content and teaching methods are standardized, which makes it possible to provide international students durable, stable and provable high teaching quality.
    To guarantee the teaching effect and quality, the center has an excellent teaching team composed of famous TCM professors, experienced clinical doctors and professional translators. Clinical bases for international students include large-scale comprehensive hospitals such as Longhua hospital, Shuguang hospital, Yueyang hospital, Shanghai Research Institute of Acupuncture & Moxibustion and Shanghai Qigong Research Institute etc. The center also has cooperation with more than 10 other hospitals.
2012 Shanghai Government Scholarship for International
Students to join the Shanghai Summer School (3S)
—Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Program
    2012 Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students to join the Shanghai Summer School (3S)—Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Program was successfully held in the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine from July 1 to July 28. There were altogether 21 students from 8 countries participated in this summer school. The program was characterized by several outstanding features including, distinctive themes, varied lectures, combination with TCM theories and clinical practices, more concerns about the students’ needs and advices.
    Presented with “An Amazing Journey to TCM”, the program can be further divided into 5 parts, basic TCM theory, Chinese materia medica and prescriptions, acupuncture and Chinese massage, TCM in clinics, TCM health care. We integrated the resources from the whole university and invited several famous professors to present rich and meaningful lectures from the following aspects, the formation of basic TCM theoris, the modern usage of Chinese material medica, the clinic usage of acupuncture and Chinese massage, the treatment and prevention of common disease in TCM and the health care of traditional Chinese medicine. Combined with the Chinese language courses, Chinese culture experiencing activities and visiting and exploring activities, overseas students from different countries, cultures and education background gradually realize and know about TCM. At the same time, they felt the charm of the extensive and profound Chinese culture and the international metropolitan city of Shanghai by themselves.
some words from the students
a 21-year-old girl from the University Estacio de sa, Brazil
    I'm very satisfied about this program, it's amazing. I
learned a lot about TCM. Though I studied western medicine as
my major, I always believe that it is better to treat patients
with herbs. Because herbal medicine is natural and will do less
harm to our body. Since I was a child, my mother treated me
with herbal tea when I had some diseases, which she learned
from my grandmother. And it always can take effects.
a 23-year old girl from Romania
    During this program, we received a basic insight of TCM,
including it's philosophy, diagnostic and treatment, for
example, the Yin-yang theory, the five elements theory, tuina
and acupuncture, qi-gong and taiji etc. Besides, I also have
learned that TCM should be a way of life. Those principles of
TCM should be applied in daily life. I'm satisfied about this
program very much. It's really an amazing experience.
Shan Huang
a 17-year-girl from Germany
    I am very satisfied with the program. Even if I have
Chinese roots. I learned a lot about Chinese culture and
especially TCM. Free time and classes were in good balance and
the trips were very interesting for me. Besides, I had a great
time with the participants and volunteers. And the surroundings
are very convenient for students.